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About Blackbird Therapy Group

Your child is meant to be wild and unique.
Your therapy should be too.

Ongoing research shows us how deeply important the connection to the outdoors is to our heart, mind, and body. Despite knowing this, kids are spending just a tiny fraction of time playing outdoors, far less than their parents.  One recent study found that an average American boy or girl spends 4-7 minutes a day outdoors. Biologically, socially, neurologically, physiologically, our kids are starving for nature.

The long term beneficial effects of being in nature is undeniable. Compared to kids confined indoors, children who spend time playing in and exploring nature show better motor control, balance, agility, and coordination. They are more playful and imaginative, have increased problem-solving skills and language development. In addition, these kids are developing compassion, learning empathy, humility, and self-worth. 

That's why at Blackbird we believe in Therapy in the Wild.


We believe that a combination of indoor and outdoor therapy is critical to making meaningful change. We believe by combining traditional therapy elements with non-traditional outdoor experiences, kids will develop skills faster and integrate them more fully.

“I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put together.”

–John Burroughs

Giving kids help, families hope,

and a community that believes in them.

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