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Tia is proud to have started the country's second-ever Special Olympics Stand UP Paddle Board team while in South Carolina. Watch this video interview with Tia and her team and see just what a powerful message this is to people of all abiltities.

Saying "Good job" seems like the right thing to say, but there is a down side. How can we be more specific with our praise? In this video Tia shares how to be clear with expectations so you and your child can be better communicators.

As a parent, have you found yourself saying "No!" all the time? Or "Stop!"? Or "Don't!"? We don't want to be that kind of parent! This video helps stop the cycle and gives you alternative ways communicate with your kids so that they can come to understand quickly and you can feel better about how you are guiding them.

Tantrums are a part of parenting. But what happens during a tantrum? What is the child thinking and feeling? What are they communicating? Watch this video to learn the secret language of tantrums.

Tantrums are communication, but are we communicating well in return? Using these four tool will help tantrums last shorter and even become a tool to help your child become a better communicator as well as have a greater emotional intelligence. 

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